A brief review of the commercial history of the land on which the University of Waterloo (indeed, all of Waterloo county) is situated shows that the land was purchased by the Crown from the Mississauga chiefs (May 1784), gifted to the Six Nations (per normal land ownership rules under common law, though with some constraints), who sold portions of it in various blocks. Waterloo County is specifically Block No 2, purchased on February 5, 1798. This was then carved up and sold to various settlers. We are not on stolen property; we have no need to acknowledge that there was some particular former owner of this property any more than we would say: I live in the house that was formerly occupied by John Doe, who purchased it from …, etc.


This is a diary about life; not life in general, but my life in particular.  I am creating it as a way of organizing my thoughts and creating a first draft of a book I intend to write one day.  The purpose of my book will be to describe in first person the legal system today in Ontario as regards children in cases of separation and divorce.  I do this partly to educate, partly with a desire for change (though without any expectation or hope of this), but mostly as a form of personal therapy.  Not everything in the diary will be 100% true; I am forced to do this so as to present the core truth without revealing details that could in any way harm specific people; for example, I will refer to my children as J, R, D, M, S, and B, and leave it up to you to guess whether or not anyone in this day and age has six children.